The difference two years makes….

Well a little over two years….God I really need to start keeping up with this blog…

So since my quarter life crisis I have met the man of my dreams, moved out of home, lost a family member, developed a few obsessions and said goodbye as one of  my best friends emigrated (he’s coming back though so that’s cool) . It’s been a crazy ride.

Also I am fast approaching 30.  30.  THE BIG THREE O. The age that I always told myself that I was going to grow up. The end of the 20s(when you can kind of still get away with being a hot mess and people would put it down to youth…..I hope). At this point I think I’m supposed to be older AND wiser.

Well I am definitely older there’s actually a couple of laughter lines popping up – it’s nicer than calling them wrinkles.  Maybe I am a little bit wiser, just a smidge.  But a grown up……psssssh NOPE!!  I am still a geeky teenager at heart and I have  a whole ream of new obsessions to share with all you lovely people like:

Holy Grail products

My Fave Eyeshadows/Lipsticks/Blushes etc

TV Shows



Household stuff (decor, hauls, learning to cook real food)

and Just general LIFE!!

So if you like make-up, geeky tv shows and movies, home decor and listening to the ramblings of a Twenty something(only barely) Irish girl stick around.

So much to follow!!!

Laters peeps (yes I say peeps)

Sarah xoxoxox



Hello peeps its…………… HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

Basically a blog in which I ramble about my absolute favorite makeup  products.

I am obsessed with all things make up. I love it. Its not just about feeling pretty, for me its an artistic outlet and something I find not just enjoyable but relaxing too. Believe me when I tell you I have a shit-ton of makeup to fuel this obsession but there are just a handful of products I come back to again and again….. well a handful for me.

1. Foundation. My holy grail, can’t be without it, always have a bottle on stand bye, all time favorite foundation is M.A.C pro-longwear foundation in NC15. I have tried so many different slightly more affordable foundations and one or two in the same price range but I always come back to this one, it has excellent coverage(medium but buildable) the colour is perfect for me, its sets matte(my preferred look) and it really does last. I have a pretty oily T-zone but this foundation lasts from when i pop it on in the morning until I get home from work between 6pm & 7pm

2. Eyeshadow primer. An old faithful urban decay primer potion is my favorite. I have oily eyelids and within 30mins of me applying eyeshadow its creases if I don’t use a primer. I’m i’m going on a night out I use a combination of the UD primer and a cream eyeshadow. I love the maybelline colour tattoos and the M.A.C paint pots they are both really pigmented and they give a fantastic  base to get the best colour payout from your eyeshadows.

3. Brushes. I’m gonna just pick a few that I like because if I was to start talking about brushes this blog post would turn into a small book. Favorite foundation brush is the Real Techniques buffing brush amazing brush easy to used easy to clean flawless finish. Favorite eyeshadow brushes M.A.C 217 for blending, M.A.C 239 for packing on colour, Sigma E45 for defining the crease and Sigma E10 for eyeliner.

4. Concealer. Its a toss up between two Vichy dermablend and Catrice camouflage cream. Both have excellent coverage and a similar texture, to be honest its which ever one is closest to hand is the one I grab can’t recommend both of them enough.

5. Lipstick. Nothings changes a look quite like lipstick, well thats if your like me and your lipsticks are more colourful than a bag of confetti. I don’t do subtle. My current favorites are Heroine and Ruby Woo from M.A.C.

6. Last but not least mascara. I ❤ Mascara. I feel naked without it. I dont believe in bothering with brown mascara though, I know some people will disagree but I just don’t think it has the same impact as Black mascara. I dont have a specific one that I’m grabbing at the moment its kind of a toss up between max factor false lash clump defy, or benefit they’re real. Again its just whatever is handiest to grab when I’m getting ready.

I’m not going to talk about blusher or eyeshadow because there’s just too many to pick from. Hope this was interesting for some people.