Have you heard the hype around the Veronica Roth books??

Ok my friend gave me my copy of Divergent and all he would say was you will love this. Now my immediate reaction when someone says that is “Urgh I’m gonna frickin hate this!”. SO being the stubborn so and so that I am I put it to the side and said I’d read it in a bit. Two weeks later I had half heartedly thumbed through the first few chapters not really getting into it as I was also studying for an exam. Then my holidays arrived! I left everything to the last min so didn’t have enough time to pick up a book I actually wanted and I was faced with a 6hr flight to the States alone….bookless. So I grabbed my copy of Divergent and thought ah it’ll do me till I can watch a movie on the plane. I did not watch a movie on the plane….

I devoured the entire book on my flight only stopping to nibble on the plane “food” and within two days of my holidays I couldn’t wait and had to go looking for the second book, Insurgent, which I finished while still away, yes it was THAT good!! I also just discovered like two days ago there is a THIRD book due out in October called Allegiant. EXCITING!!!!!!!!

The story is based in a society that is divided into five factions Abnegation, Candor, Erudite, Amity and Dautless. Teenagers of factions at the age of 16 have to take an aptitude test that will tell them which of the factions they are most suited for and at a ceremony they choose to either stay with the faction they were born into or change to a different one.

Each faction values different traits, Abnegation values selflessness, Candor values honesty, Erudite values knowledge, Amity values peace and the Dauntless value bravery. Each of the factions live and in some cases die by these traits. Veronica Roth paints a picture of a society set in the future after what I assumed was a catastrophic event as she describes derelict sky scrapers and damaged roads(although now that I think of it Dublin doesn’t sound so different, Anglo Building on the quays?! maybe it was just post recession  :-O ) 

I’m not gonna give a blow by blow account of these books because I really don’t want to ruin them for anyone who hasn’t read them yet, I could get carried away and reveal all…….

I have gotta give Veronica Roth a big thumbs up for creating a strong female lead character –  Beatrice/Tris Prior. She is a bad ass and I think what I liked so much about it is she doesn’t start the book as a one but as a small meek little girl who, as corny as it sounds, finds herself. The character of Four is also quite interesting broody, dark, tatooed and a bit of facial hair (in my head he is tasty) and again total bad ass who has a tormented past. There are also a couple of “bad guys” that you grow to really hate throughout the books and doesn’t every book need some truly awful people in it so you can really fall in love with your main characters. 

Its so nice to have such powerful characters to enjoy I have not been this invested in a book since The Hunger Games. If you liked them you will love these, and like the Hunger Games the trilogy are to be made into Movies WOOP!!!  

As a child of the 90s/00s and being a self confessed geek I had a lot of strong female leads to watch Kimberly, Trini(The Power Rangers), Buffy, Willow, Faith(Buffy TVS), Janeway, Torres(Star Trek Voyager), Capt. Carter(SG1) The Haliwell sisters(Charmed) and Xena the list could go on. Girls today, at least until Hunger Games came out, had Bella Swan(Twilight) The cast from TOWIE and made in Chelsea or Rihanna or for the older few Ana(Fifty Shades of Grey).

Kick ass female leads seemed to becoming a thing of the past I am excited that the culture seems to be changing back strong and independent women. I can feel myself getting ready to belt out a bar of Destiny’s Child so I’m gonna leave it at that.