A mini blog series.

Ok so instead of doing big long rambling posts I’m gonna do a few mini blogs spotlighting a few bits that I’m loving a the min.

So first one….. colouring books for grown ups. I LOVE them.  They are really relaxing and I can pretend that I am all artistic and stuff lol. Truthfully the only thing I have an artistic flair for is make up. I’ve tried painting sketching knitting even paper mache but everything was just BLAH. I always loved colouring when I was a kid but would spend too long colouring trying to make it perfect so my pics were always handed up to teacher half done. When it surfaced last year as a trend I jumped straight on the bandwagon and bought books, magazines, pencils and markers (spending a small.fortune) and found an amazing way to de-stress.

This is currently my favorite book which I found in Easons in January reduced to €5!


Well that’s my first mini blog. Let me know what you guys think of it and there will definitely  be more to follow.

Thanks for reading
Sarah xxx


My Daytime Skin Care Routine

So at the moment I am absolutely loving the Vichy Aqualia Thermal skin care range. My only negative comment I have about it is that there is not SPF in all the moisturisers in the collection and next time I will probably buy the moisturiser with UVA and UVB protection but other than that I’m in love.


vichy image.jpg

I have been switching between two different moisturisers from the range, the Day Cream in Light and the Dynamic Hydration Rich cream, depending on how my skin is feeling. I have combination skin and my skin can vary from dry to extremely oily. With the cold weather lately I have been using the Dynamic Hydration Rich cream more often as the cold weather drys out my forehead and cheeks. I absolutely hate the feeling of thick creams but this is a lovely consistency and just sinks into my skin with no greasy residue. The Day Cream is also amazing non greasy and sinks in really fast I use this one on more warm and humid days.

I have only recently started using an eye-cream, as the big 30 fast approaches I am noticing some fine lines and although the Vichy Aqualia Thermal range is not anti aging I feel it does enough for how my skin is at the minute. The eye cream is a roll-on type with a metal ball bearing in the tip for easy application. The ball remains cool making it very refreshing on application and it sinks into the skin in seconds and it leaves your eyes feeling de-puffed and moisturized.

I don’t have that much to say about the micellear water from Vichy as in my opinion they are all the same and I just happen to be using this one at the minute. I have used the ones from Garnier and the La Roche-Posay in the past and I think they all do the same thing. Micellear waters are definitely my preferred way to take off my make up just because its the quickest and most convenient way to remove it.

I also like to spritz my skin with the Vichy Thermal Spa water mostly because it is so refreshing. When I get out of a hot shower then blow dry my hair I use this to add a little moisture back into my skin and cool me down before I apply all my creams. This stuff is also amazing for the Summer to cool down as you can spray it over make up. I always take a mini one of these with my if I’m traveling on a plane to try to avoid gross plane skin from the recycled air.

Well that is what I’m loving at the min, I have been using this collection for about a year now. I think I will probably add a serum into the mix next year just to try hold of the aging process as long as possible lol.

Thanks for taking to time to read I hope it was informative and helped if your considering the range.




Hello peeps its…………… HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

Basically a blog in which I ramble about my absolute favorite makeup  products.

I am obsessed with all things make up. I love it. Its not just about feeling pretty, for me its an artistic outlet and something I find not just enjoyable but relaxing too. Believe me when I tell you I have a shit-ton of makeup to fuel this obsession but there are just a handful of products I come back to again and again….. well a handful for me.

1. Foundation. My holy grail, can’t be without it, always have a bottle on stand bye, all time favorite foundation is M.A.C pro-longwear foundation in NC15. I have tried so many different slightly more affordable foundations and one or two in the same price range but I always come back to this one, it has excellent coverage(medium but buildable) the colour is perfect for me, its sets matte(my preferred look) and it really does last. I have a pretty oily T-zone but this foundation lasts from when i pop it on in the morning until I get home from work between 6pm & 7pm

2. Eyeshadow primer. An old faithful urban decay primer potion is my favorite. I have oily eyelids and within 30mins of me applying eyeshadow its creases if I don’t use a primer. I’m i’m going on a night out I use a combination of the UD primer and a cream eyeshadow. I love the maybelline colour tattoos and the M.A.C paint pots they are both really pigmented and they give a fantastic  base to get the best colour payout from your eyeshadows.

3. Brushes. I’m gonna just pick a few that I like because if I was to start talking about brushes this blog post would turn into a small book. Favorite foundation brush is the Real Techniques buffing brush amazing brush easy to used easy to clean flawless finish. Favorite eyeshadow brushes M.A.C 217 for blending, M.A.C 239 for packing on colour, Sigma E45 for defining the crease and Sigma E10 for eyeliner.

4. Concealer. Its a toss up between two Vichy dermablend and Catrice camouflage cream. Both have excellent coverage and a similar texture, to be honest its which ever one is closest to hand is the one I grab can’t recommend both of them enough.

5. Lipstick. Nothings changes a look quite like lipstick, well thats if your like me and your lipsticks are more colourful than a bag of confetti. I don’t do subtle. My current favorites are Heroine and Ruby Woo from M.A.C.

6. Last but not least mascara. I ❤ Mascara. I feel naked without it. I dont believe in bothering with brown mascara though, I know some people will disagree but I just don’t think it has the same impact as Black mascara. I dont have a specific one that I’m grabbing at the moment its kind of a toss up between max factor false lash clump defy, or benefit they’re real. Again its just whatever is handiest to grab when I’m getting ready.

I’m not going to talk about blusher or eyeshadow because there’s just too many to pick from. Hope this was interesting for some people.




Quarter life crisis………is that even a thing???

So the strangest thing has been happening lately, I’m finding myself falling back in love with everything from my late teens/early 20s. And I mean everything tv, movies, clothes(thank god fashion is having a flash back, yay clunky boots and band t-shirts!) and the most prominent thing is music.

I don’t know how it started one day I just noticed that everything I wasn’t skipping on my ipod was from about that time. System of a Down, Offspring, Linkin Park, QOTSA and even Metallica(was never that pushed on them back in the day but now I can’t get enough of them). It seems the rock chick inside me has decided she wants to make a come back and I’ve decided to let her…eeeek this could all go horribly wrong.


So yeah all the black clothes are back, I’ve no desire to wear pretty dresses and I’m getting very into dark grungy make up. Thankfully a huge difference between then and  now is  I can actually put make-up on in some kind of artistic way. Back then my make up application consisted of a cheap foundation slapped on with my hands that did nothing to cover/enhance my skin and some black liquid liner that looked like I’d put it on with my feet(that was after the cotton-bud clean up :-0 ).

I mentioned this to a friend of mine and he described it as a “quarter life crisis”. He had read something about it recently and it was apparently becoming very common. Maybe its the fact that 30 is fast approaching(I’m 27 & a half) I’m trying to cling on to my youth because in my head 30 is like sooooooooooooooooo grown up and obviously the fact I’ve just described myself as 27 and a half is testament to the fact I do not consider myself a “grown-up”.  Our parents generation were all settled by this age, my mother had 2 kids and a house by my age. Now as nice as my own house would be I’ll pass on the kiddies for now.

Then I was thinking the last time I was single for anything close to this long(My 5yr+ relationship ended about a year ago now and right before that was a 2yr relationship) was when I was that age, so maybe I’m like picking up where I left off :-/ Who knows?

So my questions to you if you’re reading this are:

Has this ever happened to you?

Is it happening to you at the mo?

Isn’t is gas craic?

I’m enjoying it at the moment so I’ll see where it takes me.

Thanks for reading



What really pisses me off?!

Ok so I’d be the first to admit I am easily pissed off but you know what has really been bugging me lately? TV ADs!! Not just any tv ads just the ones that assume the entire human race is comprised of idiots.  I know what your thinking sure most ads assume we’re all idiots don’t they?
Well yes to a degree they do but over the past few years it has gone to a new level, for example dubbing over ads that are already recorded in English with an Irish accent(Specsavers are guilty) because they think it’ll make their ad appeal to Irish people. Nope just makes the ad annoying because the video is out of sync with the audio!!! I know this has been going on for years but its bugged me since I was little!
Then there is the Just for Men hair die commercials that “only targets the grey”…………..eh no it’s hair dye it dyes hair! Then they came out with the “auto stop technology” again NO its hair dye and dye doesn’t get any darker than the intended colour of said bottle of dye!! If that was the case every brand would just need one bloody shade of dye!!
But then we get to the most irritating of all………….. the Dettol no touch hand system in which they try to scare you that your hand wash is COVERED in dangerous germs and the amazing no touch hand washing system senses hands and dispenses hand wash that kills 99.9% of germs. All these facts may be true but does and yes you do have to touch a GERMY hand pump but then YOU WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!! killing all the flaming germs so what the hell difference does it make if the pump is absolutely riddled with germs! phew ok rant over feel better now.
what evey day thing bothers you???
thanks 🙂 
Sarah x

Have you heard the hype around the Veronica Roth books??

Ok my friend gave me my copy of Divergent and all he would say was you will love this. Now my immediate reaction when someone says that is “Urgh I’m gonna frickin hate this!”. SO being the stubborn so and so that I am I put it to the side and said I’d read it in a bit. Two weeks later I had half heartedly thumbed through the first few chapters not really getting into it as I was also studying for an exam. Then my holidays arrived! I left everything to the last min so didn’t have enough time to pick up a book I actually wanted and I was faced with a 6hr flight to the States alone….bookless. So I grabbed my copy of Divergent and thought ah it’ll do me till I can watch a movie on the plane. I did not watch a movie on the plane….

I devoured the entire book on my flight only stopping to nibble on the plane “food” and within two days of my holidays I couldn’t wait and had to go looking for the second book, Insurgent, which I finished while still away, yes it was THAT good!! I also just discovered like two days ago there is a THIRD book due out in October called Allegiant. EXCITING!!!!!!!!

The story is based in a society that is divided into five factions Abnegation, Candor, Erudite, Amity and Dautless. Teenagers of factions at the age of 16 have to take an aptitude test that will tell them which of the factions they are most suited for and at a ceremony they choose to either stay with the faction they were born into or change to a different one.

Each faction values different traits, Abnegation values selflessness, Candor values honesty, Erudite values knowledge, Amity values peace and the Dauntless value bravery. Each of the factions live and in some cases die by these traits. Veronica Roth paints a picture of a society set in the future after what I assumed was a catastrophic event as she describes derelict sky scrapers and damaged roads(although now that I think of it Dublin doesn’t sound so different, Anglo Building on the quays?! maybe it was just post recession  :-O ) 

I’m not gonna give a blow by blow account of these books because I really don’t want to ruin them for anyone who hasn’t read them yet, I could get carried away and reveal all…….

I have gotta give Veronica Roth a big thumbs up for creating a strong female lead character –  Beatrice/Tris Prior. She is a bad ass and I think what I liked so much about it is she doesn’t start the book as a one but as a small meek little girl who, as corny as it sounds, finds herself. The character of Four is also quite interesting broody, dark, tatooed and a bit of facial hair (in my head he is tasty) and again total bad ass who has a tormented past. There are also a couple of “bad guys” that you grow to really hate throughout the books and doesn’t every book need some truly awful people in it so you can really fall in love with your main characters. 

Its so nice to have such powerful characters to enjoy I have not been this invested in a book since The Hunger Games. If you liked them you will love these, and like the Hunger Games the trilogy are to be made into Movies WOOP!!!  

As a child of the 90s/00s and being a self confessed geek I had a lot of strong female leads to watch Kimberly, Trini(The Power Rangers), Buffy, Willow, Faith(Buffy TVS), Janeway, Torres(Star Trek Voyager), Capt. Carter(SG1) The Haliwell sisters(Charmed) and Xena the list could go on. Girls today, at least until Hunger Games came out, had Bella Swan(Twilight) The cast from TOWIE and made in Chelsea or Rihanna or for the older few Ana(Fifty Shades of Grey).

Kick ass female leads seemed to becoming a thing of the past I am excited that the culture seems to be changing back strong and independent women. I can feel myself getting ready to belt out a bar of Destiny’s Child so I’m gonna leave it at that.




aaaahhhhhh first blog

So this is something I have been been meaning to do forever!! Start a blog that I can yammer on in about the stuff I love and stop wrecking the heads of the people around me.With every roll of the eyes from my beloved friends and family I am reminded that I have a tendency go on and on and on about a new movie or lipstick or book that excites me. I hate to admit but that happens A LOT…………. so this blog has been started so that hopefully some like minded people out there will stumble across my frequent ramblings about movies books make up clothes and general gripes they can share in my crazy! 

Thanks xox