My Favorite Hair Products


Hair Journey…..

So much posing!! More of which you can see on my Instagram if your interested lol.

As you can see by the above pictures I’m not very kind to my hair. I have had it deep cleansed twice and not matter how many times I swear I won’t I go back to box dyes to cover up my roots. So here are my hair must haves that I use to keep my hair looking healthy.

First things first Shampoo & Conditioner:


I go through phases with shampoos and conditioners so what I use today could very well change next month depending on what’s on offer in Boots. At the moment I am loving the OGX Tea tree mint shampoo and conditioner. It doesn’t dry out my scalp and leaves my hair smelling AMAZING.

Before/After Washing:


When my hair is still damp I like to apply the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. This stuff is like the elixir of the Gods for hair. Its heat protection and a treatment and a finishing oil all in one. If I have been particularly mean to my hair over a week say if I curled it a few times or something I put about 10-12 pumps(I have a lot of hair) all over my hair from mid length down to the tips leave it on overnight if possible and wash it out with shampoo and conditioner as normal and my hair feel soft and silky! More often than not I just pop about four pumps into the ends of my hair while its still damp and blow dry it. If I do go to the effort of curling my hair and its looking a bit dry after I just rub 1 pump between my hand and gently run my fingers through. SORTED!!!


On to my hair dryer, I have a LOT of hair so I use a salon hair dryer that my parents got my for Christmas. Its great lots of power drys my hair in half the time my old hair dryer used to do it in and a lot less frizz!! You can find it here.


As I’ve said I’ve a ton of hair and I’m not very good at styling it. It’s stubbornly straight, since I was a child curls fall out of my hair within hours. I have however managed to get it to curl and hold said curl and curl it all in under 15mins!!! You can also find this here.


GHD IV to the rescue (another Christmas present) so I gather my hair up into a super high pony tail and then curl the pony, hair spray when its up remove the bobbin and BOOM curly hair!!

Usually I wash my hair every second or third day so if I need a refresh I use dry shampoo to add volume and get rid of some of the build up of oils. I’m not picky when it comes to dry shampoo usually its whatever is in on offer in Boots or Tesco. The only one I don’t use is Batiste dry shampoo. Its so white and powdery and my hair is pretty dark its soooo obvious!

Last but least my new favorite hair thing EVER:

L’Oreal Paris Professional, Hair Touch-up, Root Concealer.

Tell no one but I have grey hair, a lot of grey hair shhhhhhhh. I have been getting them since I was about 17, genetics were working against me on that one. My hair also grows very fast so my roots start to show fairly quickly and lets face it I’m not rolling in cash, hence why I always went back to home dyes. NOT ANYMORE! This stuff is like make up for my hair completely covers greys with very little product. It was recommended to me in Peter Marks in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre just before Christmas when I last got my hair done. I was skeptical at first because I did use a Bumble & Bumble version of this before and hated it. It left too much of a product build up on my hair every time I touched my hair I was covered in dark powder which is just gross. This is completely different, its a much finer spray and leaves very little build up on my hair and big plus its cheaper. I cant remember exactly but it wasn’t more than 15 euro.

Well I think I’ve covered everything, I’m really happy with my hair routine at the minute. I am trying to grow in out so I’m trying my best to keep it healthy. Hope this was interesting for you guys.

Thanks for reading

Sarah xxx