My Daytime Skin Care Routine

So at the moment I am absolutely loving the Vichy Aqualia Thermal skin care range. My only negative comment I have about it is that there is not SPF in all the moisturisers in the collection and next time I will probably buy the moisturiser with UVA and UVB protection but other than that I’m in love.


vichy image.jpg

I have been switching between two different moisturisers from the range, the Day Cream in Light and the Dynamic Hydration Rich cream, depending on how my skin is feeling. I have combination skin and my skin can vary from dry to extremely oily. With the cold weather lately I have been using the Dynamic Hydration Rich cream more often as the cold weather drys out my forehead and cheeks. I absolutely hate the feeling of thick creams but this is a lovely consistency and just sinks into my skin with no greasy residue. The Day Cream is also amazing non greasy and sinks in really fast I use this one on more warm and humid days.

I have only recently started using an eye-cream, as the big 30 fast approaches I am noticing some fine lines and although the Vichy Aqualia Thermal range is not anti aging I feel it does enough for how my skin is at the minute. The eye cream is a roll-on type with a metal ball bearing in the tip for easy application. The ball remains cool making it very refreshing on application and it sinks into the skin in seconds and it leaves your eyes feeling de-puffed and moisturized.

I don’t have that much to say about the micellear water from Vichy as in my opinion they are all the same and I just happen to be using this one at the minute. I have used the ones from Garnier and the La Roche-Posay in the past and I think they all do the same thing. Micellear waters are definitely my preferred way to take off my make up just because its the quickest and most convenient way to remove it.

I also like to spritz my skin with the Vichy Thermal Spa water mostly because it is so refreshing. When I get out of a hot shower then blow dry my hair I use this to add a little moisture back into my skin and cool me down before I apply all my creams. This stuff is also amazing for the Summer to cool down as you can spray it over make up. I always take a mini one of these with my if I’m traveling on a plane to try to avoid gross plane skin from the recycled air.

Well that is what I’m loving at the min, I have been using this collection for about a year now. I think I will probably add a serum into the mix next year just to try hold of the aging process as long as possible lol.

Thanks for taking to time to read I hope it was informative and helped if your considering the range.