Quarter life crisis………is that even a thing???

So the strangest thing has been happening lately, I’m finding myself falling back in love with everything from my late teens/early 20s. And I mean everything tv, movies, clothes(thank god fashion is having a flash back, yay clunky boots and band t-shirts!) and the most prominent thing is music.

I don’t know how it started one day I just noticed that everything I wasn’t skipping on my ipod was from about that time. System of a Down, Offspring, Linkin Park, QOTSA and even Metallica(was never that pushed on them back in the day but now I can’t get enough of them). It seems the rock chick inside me has decided she wants to make a come back and I’ve decided to let her…eeeek this could all go horribly wrong.


So yeah all the black clothes are back, I’ve no desire to wear pretty dresses and I’m getting very into dark grungy make up. Thankfully a huge difference between then and  now is  I can actually put make-up on in some kind of artistic way. Back then my make up application consisted of a cheap foundation slapped on with my hands that did nothing to cover/enhance my skin and some black liquid liner that looked like I’d put it on with my feet(that was after the cotton-bud clean up :-0 ).

I mentioned this to a friend of mine and he described it as a “quarter life crisis”. He had read something about it recently and it was apparently becoming very common. Maybe its the fact that 30 is fast approaching(I’m 27 & a half) I’m trying to cling on to my youth because in my head 30 is like sooooooooooooooooo grown up and obviously the fact I’ve just described myself as 27 and a half is testament to the fact I do not consider myself a “grown-up”.  Our parents generation were all settled by this age, my mother had 2 kids and a house by my age. Now as nice as my own house would be I’ll pass on the kiddies for now.

Then I was thinking the last time I was single for anything close to this long(My 5yr+ relationship ended about a year ago now and right before that was a 2yr relationship) was when I was that age, so maybe I’m like picking up where I left off :-/ Who knows?

So my questions to you if you’re reading this are:

Has this ever happened to you?

Is it happening to you at the mo?

Isn’t is gas craic?

I’m enjoying it at the moment so I’ll see where it takes me.

Thanks for reading




What really pisses me off?!

Ok so I’d be the first to admit I am easily pissed off but you know what has really been bugging me lately? TV ADs!! Not just any tv ads just the ones that assume the entire human race is comprised of idiots.  I know what your thinking sure most ads assume we’re all idiots don’t they?
Well yes to a degree they do but over the past few years it has gone to a new level, for example dubbing over ads that are already recorded in English with an Irish accent(Specsavers are guilty) because they think it’ll make their ad appeal to Irish people. Nope just makes the ad annoying because the video is out of sync with the audio!!! I know this has been going on for years but its bugged me since I was little!
Then there is the Just for Men hair die commercials that “only targets the grey”…………..eh no it’s hair dye it dyes hair! Then they came out with the “auto stop technology” again NO its hair dye and dye doesn’t get any darker than the intended colour of said bottle of dye!! If that was the case every brand would just need one bloody shade of dye!!
But then we get to the most irritating of all………….. the Dettol no touch hand system in which they try to scare you that your hand wash is COVERED in dangerous germs and the amazing no touch hand washing system senses hands and dispenses hand wash that kills 99.9% of germs. All these facts may be true but does and yes you do have to touch a GERMY hand pump but then YOU WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!! killing all the flaming germs so what the hell difference does it make if the pump is absolutely riddled with germs! phew ok rant over feel better now.
what evey day thing bothers you???
thanks 🙂 
Sarah x